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In 2018, the fever of survival games no signs yet of cooling since PUBG launch on PC. I didn’t think this wave to be so strong, but i’m wrong. We have been enjoying many different versions of this game like Rules of Survival, Fortnite or most recently the official version PUBG Mobile.

On May 14th, the open beta version of The Last Survivor: Stay Alive series has been released by Skynet all over the world, giving players a perfect visual experience. I feel this “fake” version is more beautiful than Rules of Survival in a certain angle. There’s a lot to say about this game, but I’ll just talk about the highlights of the review because if not I say the whole day is not over.

Traditional gameplay

The Last Survivor Stay Alive gameplay

Playing The Last Survivor: Stay Alive, you and 99 other players will be transported to an uninhabited island by an aeroplane, and then you can parachute to whatever location you want (even in the middle of the sea if you like swimming). Here, a fierce battle occurs when the rules of the game allowing only one player to survive, that is the winner. So you have to do everything to survive.

First of all, you should pick up the weapons scattered around the map and some accessories such as bulletproof suits, hats, etc. They are usually in the house, so you should quickly get a weapon to prepared to face any other player. After killing them, you can steal everything they have. The weapon system of the game is similar to other survival games, you can use from rifles, pistols, sniper guns to shotguns. I like the K98, if you have an extra scope x8, that’s great.

After a while, the map of the game is narrowed down by the safe zone. If you are outside, you will lose blood gradually to death, so you must constantly move in the circle if you do not want to be the loser. You can use the vehicles on the road to move faster, but be careful because by using them, you are more likely to be spotted because it easily catches the attention of other players. Especially, The Last Survivor: Stay Alive has more variety of vehicles than PUBG Mobile to you experience the difference.

Character customization

The Last Survivor Stay Alive fashions

When playing PUBG Mobile, I feel my character’s costume is limited, although I have enough money to buy it, it depends on how lucky you are when you open the chest. But The Last Survivor: Stay Alive allows you to comfortably design the outfit you like the most. Moreover, the costume system of the game is also very diverse, suitable for many different fashion styles.


The Last Survivor Stay Alive

Survival games are very successful in bringing people closer together as the number of people playing these games is huge in all countries. You can chat with nearby players when you open the microphone. You will meet some interesting players when playing this game.

Perfect design

The Last Survivor Stay Alive graphics

The graphics of The Last Survivor: Stay Alive are beautiful and authentic, not inferior to those of the same genre, even higher in some respect. High-resolution gaming with vibrant sound will make your experience the best. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when the game requires high-configuration equipment to minimize the lag status when playing. Also, when you play, you also discover a new map called Snow Storm. Don’t miss it!


If you are a fan of survival games, The Last Survivor: Stay Alive is a game you should try once. Realistic graphics, engaging gameplay and many cool features await you to explore.

The game supports both Android and iOS platforms, allowing you to download absolutely free. You should prepare a high-speed configuration phone and high-speed wifi to participate in the most engaging survival battle on mobile.

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