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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 for later lĂȘn+ iOS 9.0+
  • Size: 300 MB - 1 GB

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The Sun: Origin is one of the original FPS games, centered on survival rather than speed and choking. Although The Sun: Origin is a mobile game, but the graphics that this game brings are worth a super. It can be said that the development team of The Sun: Origin is Egproject worked and creative to create a very attractive game. Why do I say this game is attractive? Let’s talk out about The Sun: Origin.

Future plot

The Sun Origin
A world of death in the future

In 2050, the sun releases into space a tremendous source of energy, waves of life-threatening energy all over the world. Although scientists have discovered its development, governments around the world have ignored warnings because of ongoing civil war. When the energy source hits the earth, radioactive storms cover the atmosphere, causing cancer and many kinds of illnesses. Humans and other organisms are at risk of extinction. Only those who believe in the warning find the place hidden in the underground bunker deep.

When the energy wave hits the earth, a storm of radioactive particles overwhelms the atmosphere in a lethal fog, causing cancer: the young, the old, the rich and the poor are all the same. Only those who pay attention to warnings are concerned about sheltering in abandoned shelters. The government and the military neglected the people, they only care about their survival and hold all the water and food.

An underground force has been held to overthrow the ruined administration and bring food and water to all the people in distress, helping them survive and have shelter while the radiation storm has not gone away… Raven is one of that join. He is a true warrior who will directly participate in government offensive campaigns. At this point, you will become Riven, and fight to save the rest.

Extremely attractive gameplay

The Sun Origin 3
Combination of shooting and survival

Basically, I find this game somewhat like S.T.A.L.K.E.R – One of the best FPS series on PC / Console. As I mentioned above on gameplay, the essence of this game is deep, closely related to the plot.

The Sun: Origin begins with the disappearance of Klin – A member of the organization, Mechanic says that his signal emanates from an old house and can not contact Klin since 3 hours ago. There are a lot of vampires in the area, and they are genetically modified and extremely dangerous organisms. You will have to go into that area alone to find Klin. Follow GPS, you will find the location of Klin, in an old house. Klin is now shot, you will have to return to the base and bring first aid to save Klin from death. Along the way, you will encounter desert dogs and mercenaries of the government, attack and destroy them before they attack you.

And that’s just the first mission in a series of missions tied to the storyline of the game, with thousands of different missions throughout a continuous story, you must try to survive, perform missions and collect as many items as possible along the roads, you will need them! The NPC will assist you in the process of missions, you can communicate with them to receive and perform missions, as well as gain insight into the storyline in the game.

Full of elements of an FPS game

The Sun Origin 2
Equipment system

Those who have played S.T.A.L.K.E.R will be extremely familiar with this factor, The Sun: Origin is a true FPS game. You will have to control your character at first sight with the weapons and equipment available and the weapons collected. You can develop your character in any direction.

The controls in the game are quite familiar, still, the virtual key that allows you to move on the left of the screen, the right is the key to perform actions such as shot, replacement, sitting, viewfinder … Bottom Screens are support items such as healing, drinking water …

You will have a backpack containing the items you have, and it will also be used to store items you collect on the way or get from an enemy after being shot down. These items will help you a lot during the game.

Note that if you die, you will have to play again from the beginning.

Graphics & Sound

The Sun Origin 4
Super nice graphics

In terms of graphics, The Sun: Origin brings a desolate and dead earth in the future. Wilderness and tranquility. It is a way to remind us of the pollution of the earth and the consequences it will have in the future. The details such as guns, characters, plants, homes are beautifully designed and sharp, worthy of the gameplay of this title.

Not only graphics, sound of the game is also gloomy, scary and obsessive. The sound of the game creates a very good effect for the player during the game.


Basically, if you’re really a fan of FPS games then The Sun: Origin is a quality game that you should not miss. This game has both Android and iOS versions, you can download the game via the link below.

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