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After being released in Korea in July last year and gaining much success, finally, the publisher IWPLAY WORLD also brings us the global version of The Tale of Five Kingdoms. Known as one of the highest quality graphics RPGs, there is no reason to ignore this game. Currently, the game is available on both Appstore and Google Play stores and supports a variety of languages, including Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and especially English.

An ancient story

The tale of Five Kingdoms stiry

Thousands of years ago, Crystal was a mysterious force that helped the kingdom flourish, symbolizing wealth and glory. But human lust is unlimited, the desire for immortality pushes the whole kingdom to the “bloody war” and they lose. For thousands of years, the land has had no sign of life. Crystal continues to give life to rebuild the kingdom from the ashes by dividing them into five different kingdoms including The ACCA, Uruk, Damn, Thanatos, and Hestia. However, along with the appearance of the Jewel of the Devil, the five kingdoms of hatred, war everywhere. They do not know that their enemies are the evil demons, wanting to wait for humanity to kill each other to easily master the world.


The tale of Five Kingdoms time stop

The game takes us to the medieval world, where there is still the existence of magic, warriors, demons, dragons … In this game, you will be chosen as the commander of one of the Five Kingdoms, gather the strongest warriors to win the remaining kingdoms. The game is developed according to the main plot, you will fight through 7 chapters with 200 big and small target plot and explore the mystery in this world.

The tale of Five Kingdoms has a role-playing gameplay combined with a turn-based combat system. The special thing is that this game has a “stop time” mechanism, that is, whenever your character attacks, all the time will stop giving you the time to make the most accurate decision. For players love fast-paced, this is not necessary, but it still has many advantages.

As an RPG, The Tale of Five Kingdoms encourages players to constantly develop characters. You need to pay attention to the character’s stats as it is the most accurate measure of the power you possess. Upgrade your character’s skills and equipment to increase your fighting power, making your army invincible. You can go to Smithy or Shop to upgrade or unlock new equipment.

Large character system

The tale of Five Kingdoms heroes

With more than 100 characters divided into 59 different categories, The Tale of Five Kingdoms is one of the RPGs has biggest character system. You can collect character by cards. It is not convenient to list the characters here, so you should explore by yourself will be more interesting. Each character has a story of their own, promising many secrets awaiting you in this game.


The game is still based on the features of an MMORPG. The dungeon is where you also with other players to kill the monster giant, you will all get a lot of gold, experience, and some rare equipment. If you like intense battles between the most powerful warriors, PvP Arena is not a bad idea. You can challenge anyone, win them and climb to the top positions in the rankings. The game honors the best players, are you one of them?

High-quality 3D graphics

The tale of Five Kingdoms gameplay

Korea has always been known as a leading publisher of graphics. Their games are always impressed by real graphics and special effects, and The Tale of Five Kingdoms is one of them. 3D graphics combined with Unreal Engineer 4 technology, the game is proud to bring you the best visual experience. You would think this is a high-quality PC game and not just a mobile game. Not only that, the characters are voiced by famous Korean actors, proving that the publisher is very interested in the graphics and sound of the game.

The end

I highly appreciate this game. The tale of Five Kingdoms deserves to be one of the typical RPGs of 2018. Are you ready to take part in the war between the five kingdoms?

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