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Timing Hero VIP is a colorful role-playing game in the classic 8-bit graphics that reminds us of old PC games like Contra, Mario, or Gunstar … This game brings fun, enjoyable for players with simple but very addictive gameplay. If you love action games and are bored of normal action games in the market, this is the perfect choice for you. The publisher Buff Studio has brought to the world a very entertaining game. Enjoy this unique game by downloading Timing Hero VIP on your mobile device.


Timing Hero VIP

The story of Timing Hero VIP is a remote kingdom that is governed and protected by the queen who possesses the ancient, mysterious powers. Her powers help the kingdom secure against the forces of darkness who always want to invade, loot. Next to the queen, there are 12 knights who carry the power of knowledge, astrology, martial arts, … different. But the peace of the kingdom did not last long. One day, the queen died. The forces of darkness looting, ravaging everywhere, threatening the peace of the people of the kingdom. According to legend, when a disaster occurs, only one hero stands up, destroys all monsters and ends the war, protecting the life of the whole kingdom. As a legend knight, do you dare to try yourself to become the legendary hero recorded in the book?

Background in the game are the castle, the ancient arena. Timing Hero VIP allows players to team up with three knights in a match. This adds a lot of fun when you can communicate and coordinate with your teammates to get through the gameplay. Besides, the skill system of the game allows you to skillfully switch skills between characters, bringing unique tactics that only you have.


Timing Hero VIP 2

Timing Hero VIP is a combat action RPG. To start the game, you have to choose a character from the ten characters that the game offers. Throughout the game, there are endless battles against the monsters. In the first level, killing monsters is not difficult, mainly for players to familiarize themselves with the operation in the game. However, as the latter, the monsters crowded and stronger. Your character must be strong enough and you must be skilled enough to destroy them all. When you are strong enough, take the initiative to hunt monsters. You will be very cool.

Timing Hero VIP 3

The game features up to 26 characters with completely different sets of skills and powers, carrying different roles in the team. Along with that, a series of powerful equipment is waiting for you to unlock. Upgrades your strengths, moves you to optimize your power. Try to get your favorite characters into the game.

Timing Hero VIP 4

In particular, the scary 16 bosses of the game are waiting for you to submit a network at any time. Get along well with your teammates to overcome these tough bosses. If you go through the bosses, you will receive the noble medal of the game, and the stones help you upgrade your equipment.

In addition to the classic mode, the game also brings Colosseum mode and Raid mode extremely attractive. Fight the legendary warriors, conquer the challenges of Timing Hero VIP. If you miss a mission, do not worry, keep up the fight to defeat all enemies.

Classic design

Regarding design and graphics, Timing Hero VIP has a classic design with 8-bit graphics that fun to play. As I think, this makes a game highly addictive. Live sound. Combining simple and easy playing, it is no accident that Timing Hero VIP has a large number of players.


For those who love the game like this, Timing Hero VIP is sure to be a game you cannot miss. I also like to experience and introduce exciting games like Timing Hero VIP with you. Do not put heavy on graphics, but the experience that the game brings is indescribable.

The game supports the Android platform at the moment. If you want to play on iOS, you probably need to wait a while longer.

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