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Transformers is no stranger to fantasy movie enthusiasts. Based on the brave robot guys, Kabam publisher has created and developed the game Transformers: Forged to Fight on the mobile platform. This game has subtle 3D graphics and great gameplay effects. Is Transformers: Forged to Fight a worthy game?

Kabam brought the Transformers image back and this game is on the Android and iOS mobile platforms. Transformers: Forged to Fight is opening up a whole new Transformers style.


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Transformers: Forged to Fight gives players endless battles. You will be transformed into famous heroes, are on the fate of space flight. The most vicious forces attacked the ship in order to gather important information for their great goal of invading the Earth. You will have to fight to protect the ship and the others and find a way back to Earth.

Fighting gameplay

TRANSFORMERS Forged to Fight

In the genre of fighting games, Transformers: Forged to Fight opens up some of the most challenging, intense battles. You will face other giant robot names, in turn, fight and destroy them. The battle will occur, your task is to launch a blow through the touch screen, combining skills to create combos with high damage and beautiful. Each accurate attack will help you build up the bar. When this bar is filled, the Transformers will launch a decisive attack and knock down the enemy.

Unlock new characters

TRANSFORMERS Forged to Fight 4

When fighting, you will receive bonus money and items. You can then unlock the new heroes through the cards. You can own the superhero Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee … They will gradually unlock the higher levels in the game. Each hero has his own skills. And you will have to learn how to control them.

Along with the action game, Transformers: Forged to Fight requires ingenuity from you. Each blow is to deal damage to the enemy, especially you will be able to dodge blows from the enemy. After each battle, you will collect the fragments from the cube. What you need to do now is to upgrade your Transformers with the most advanced weapons. You will easily win when carrying heavy weapons, but afraid of what?

Design brings a new experience

TRANSFORMERS Forged to Fight 2

Transformers: Forged to Fight brings your device through stunning 3D technology. Maybe you have not played the special edition like this. It must be said that Kabam made Transformers: Forged to Fight professionally and mentally. It’s rare to see games that are graphically invested like this. Transformers in the film are reproduced in a real game. Add to that the vivid stereo sound effects bring a wonderful experience.

Sum Up

Perhaps, we rarely find a transformative robot game like Transformers: Forged to Fight. It brings a lot of emotions to the movies, especially the legendary heroes. Very realistic and beautiful graphics, easy to play and interesting gameplay. The game is now available for Android & iOS mobile platforms. If it feels interesting and useful please download and experience with us! Are you ready to join this exciting game?

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