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Twisty Road 3

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December 21, after great success with the game Fire Up!, Voodoo released a new game called Twisty Road! It’s a simple, addictive game. The game support for both iOS and Android platforms makes it easy for gamers to download and enjoy the game. The game is free to download and use. Download Twisty Road now! Take the device to enjoy the addictive game similar to Fire Up !.

How to play?

Twisty Road

Similar to other Voodoo games, this publisher retains its unique style. Still the only game in a completely straightforward map, but Twisty Road! has shown a truly amazing appeal.

The only task of the player in this game is to control the ball on a helical path without barriers. Keep your ball moving on the road without distraction from the inertia. Simple but not easy at all. When I first played, I could not control the ball as I wanted. It took a few games, I was able to catch the ball moving. Be smart to balance the ball in the most balanced way possible to win the game.

Method of control

Twisty Road 2

Twisty Road! Owning the control system is extremely simple. Like racing games, if you want the ball to the left, you just press the screen to the left, and vice versa. Break the glass on the way by rolling over to gain points. Each glass is a landmark, if you break the landmark, the score will always remain in that landmark, not per point.

If you miss the ball, do not worry, you have 5 seconds to put the ball on a road below. Over 5 seconds, if you do not hit the road you will have to lose and get the score you saved. Especially, Twisty Road! Allows players to connect with their friends via social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Challenge friends and show them your talents. Spend the record points and share on social networks.

On the way, try to eat as many support items so you can go as far as possible. Earn lots of coins to buy nice balls in this game and upgrade some of the items you need.

Advantages and disadvantages

Twisty Road 3

There is a problem when playing Twisty Road! There are too many ads appear when you experience this game. However, because this game does not require the Internet, you can completely disconnect the Internet to experience the best game without having to encounter any ads.

Like other addictive game titles, Twisty Road! gives players a simple, light yet fun 2D graphics game. The interface of the game is easy to familiarize and use. Map system, rolling ball effect gives the player the most realistic feeling possible. Not only that, this game also owns the classic soundtrack to add to the attraction to each level of play.

According to my assessment, Twisty Road! is actually the most addictive and addictive game in 2018. What better way to play this fun game with your friends in the coming New Year.

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