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Since its launch in September 2014, Vainglory has become the benchmark for mobile e-sports. The game has kept veteran gamers entertained by hosting quarterly seasons, designing dozens of new heroes, and setting up a major tournament with huge cash prizes. In the winter of this year, Vainglory will bring a lot of good things to look forward to, including an exciting new game mode, a cool hero, and even some goodies for you.

No need to prove, Vainglory is one of the best MOBA games on mobile. The launch of new games such as Arena of Valor, Tiny Battleground, or Mobile Battleground did not make this game stand out.

Touch control

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The control in Vainglory is considered to be more difficult than other similar games, it is similar to how you manipulate the hero to move and attack with the same operation in the League of Legends, one-touch operation but at the same time help you move and attack.

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To explain this, due to the limited joystick control and lack of precision (you can not select target), the use of touch control will bring clarity and comfort to the player. Everything simply revolves around tapping the screen to attack, move and use hero’s skills.

The gameplay modes

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Vainglory’s core is still 3v3 combat mode, with each match lasting 10 to 15 minutes. For those who lack time, the Bravvl mode is a necessary addition, as it brings shorter battles with denser action. And now, Vainglory has a new Quick Mode: Onslaught, in which players will confront each other in waves.

How to play Onslaught is very simple: 3 to 3. Each round lasts 30 seconds. Whichever side wins more after five rounds will be the winner. The battles will take place in a compact space, and after each round, the rewards will increase, and each general will be equipped with a new skill. So Onslaught is a very fast paced game where each score can be decisive. You will need to know how to balance your style with the overall strategy of the team if you want to beat the opponent.

Not to be outdone by new products, Super Evil Megacorp has added a new 5vs5 feature for this game. The games are played at a high pace and continuously, bringing new experiences to any gamer. Even if you only have 5 minutes of free time, or if you have a lot of time, the game can perfectly match you with multiplayer modes.

Heroes system

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Meet Varya, the newest hero of Vainglory. She is a powerful wizard capable of controlling thunder, like a combination of Thor and Wonder Woman. Varya specializes in fast-moving tactics, fast-paced attacks with high damage, and disperses crowds effectively. What does this mean? Varya will force the opposing team to be wary, with the ability to summon lightning on the head not just one hero, but the entire enemy hero.

The SuperEvilMegaCorp developer aims to create a new hero not only to signal the plot of the upcoming Great War but also as a great option for both new and old veterans advised. If you are new to Vainglory, Varya’s speed will allow her to fling and run fast, preserving her life to continue fighting. If you are a veteran, there are many different ways to build Varya skills, which makes this female a perfect addition to any team, what is your game

You can master 37+ heroes in this game and hunt for costumes for free.

Many leagues

Every season of Vainglory brings new events and tournaments, but if you are not in the best group, there are a lot of things to watch out for. Winter has come, and bring some interesting things. The battlefield is now covered with snow, and some popular generals also have their own outfits for the occasion. For a limited time, players can add “Santa Reim” and “Tinman Alpha” skins to their collections.

Beautiful graphics

Vainglory screenshot 4
Vainglory screenshot 6

This game is built on a game engine designed specifically for mobile devices, so that Vainglory has super nice graphics, with FPS up to 120 frames per second. The maps in this game are more beautiful than any other MOBA games we have ever played, and the overall fighting style brings a sense of glitter, and the monster system is also beautifully done.


Well, have you ever heard rumours of a 5v5 battle? We do not know much about that, but you can keep an eye out for those mysterious gold tickets. We hear rumours that these tickets may appear after the matches, and they may be worth your money.

Well, you should download this game right away!

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