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Welcome to Vikings: War of Clans, a tactical game in the style of the Nordic myth of the publisher Plarium. Here you have to learn how to get acquainted with men who never shave, sharp axes and which are easy to recognize, they always wear hats with two horns.

The Vikings are a nation of powerful warriors and countless pirates in Northern Europe. They are known for their ability to go to sea very and able to fight well. If you’ve seen the animated movie How to Train Your Dragon, you’ll be impressed with the Viking warriors in the way they live and fight. In this game, your task is to collect the most powerful army, to defeat all enemies, including the monster giant in the legend.

Build your kingdom

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Vikings: War of Clans is a real-time strategy game in which you will become a powerful king who is responsible for protecting the land and bringing his kingdom to the top of glory. Start by building great buildings, basing your kingdom up strong and then you need to upgrade them. Works can be Mead Hall, Odin Temple … They have the ability to provide gold for you and allow you to unlock different types of warriors.

Viking style battles

Vikings War of Clans gameplay

The Viking world is a ruthless world where people live in fear, who is stronger has more power. Therefore, you have to build up a strong army that can make other players feel scared. There are many military classes for you to choose from like mercenaries, horsemen, archers, furies, … and there is no shortage of modern warships across the oceans to loot nearby lands. Your task is to arrange them to create a unique strategy of your own, winning all enemies to become the strongest warrior in Vikings: War of Clans.

The strategy is not necessarily on the battlefield. You anticipate the enemy will attack you and be fully prepared, you are the winner. If not, you can negotiate with them and exchange money, gold and resources to create powerful alliances that frighten your enemies. You can become a great conqueror, or become a great political economist, enrich your kingdom.

Many modes for you

Vikings War of Clans

Come to Vikings: War of Clans, you can participate in real-time PvP battles with other players. You can not just use the power that can repel the enemy, but also rely on your commanding ability and tactical thinking.

PvE mode is where you fight the monsters. This is the main mode that helps you to collect more resources, gold, and experience.

Join the Clan

If you like alliances with other players around the world, create a Clan or join their Clan. Everyone in the Clan helps each other, give resources and share the tactics and tips that they learn. Only one strong Clan has enough influence on the entire map of Vikings: War of Clans, prove who is the king of this North.


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Vikings: War of Clans has beautifully designed 3D graphics. The epic battle, you can hear the trumpet battle or the screams of warriors. Overall, compared to a strategy game, I am satisfied with the graphics of this game.

The end

If you love strategy games, Vikings: War of Clans is a perfect choice. Are you ready to become a real Viking warrior, writing your own legendary stories?

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