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Darkness and light are opposite sides. If the light represents life, peace, justice and the beautiful things in life then conversely, the dark represents evil, the bad and the injustice. After years of being sealed under hell, Bazut, the tyrant has returned with chaos. He wants to conquer, destroy all the land in the world. To him, kindness is nothing. Whenever his army passes by, they kill one by one and burn everything. Rumriel, City of Radiant are the last two cities left and the darkness is coming. All hope is in the hands of the warriors with the power of Light. Can they complete the mission, defeat the dark and defend the land? “When night falls on the land, light raises in the hearts of warriors.”

Legendary adventure

Warriors of Light gameplay

This game is quite difficult to play and is a real challenge for you. In Warriors of Light, you will become a warrior, taking part in the adventure and writing your own story. You are the chosen person, hold the heavy responsibility, dispel the darkness so that the light forever exists on this land. The gameplay of the game is similar to other RPGs. Choose characters, meet important people, take on missions and conquer them. In the process of killing monsters, you can choose from three modes, Auto Attack, Manual or Semi-Auto. If you are “lazy-player”, you can choose Auto Attack, which will assist you to automatically move and attack monsters. However, this is not recommended. When you meet the boss with equal or higher power, you have to control yourself to have a chance to win. The core of the game is your skill and processing abilities. Critical situations require that you handle it wisely and definitively.

The game takes you on the adventure through vast lands, ancient dark castles or dangerous jungles. Monsters everywhere, they are ready to kill you at any time. Destroy them you will get gold and experience to level up. You can track your task progress in the list on the left of the screen. Once completed you will receive a lot of valuable rewards.


Warriors of Light heroes

In the role-playing game, character selection is indispensable. The character system of Warriors of Light is divided into four main classes, including Mage, Fighter, Ranger, and Priest. You can customize hair, clothes, skin color, eyes, … of the character after choosing completely free. Each character has two normal skills and one ultimate skill. First, you have a skill. The remaining skills will be unlocked at level 3 and the ultimate skill will be unlocked when you reach level 10. To use skills, you will consume energy (blue bar). Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses to exploit. For example, Fighter with a strong sword and good resistance, Mage is a magician, so the damage is concentrated in skills. I often choose Ranger because Ranger has great damage, not much depends on the skills so not spend much mana.

Compete with other players

If you are tired of killing monsters all day, you can join PvP Arena to compete against other online players in 1vs or even 15vs15 matches. Work well with teammates, win and conquer the highest ranking in Warriors of Light. Not only that, you will meet many interesting friends when playing this mode.

Impressive graphics

Warriors of Light graphics

One thing I like about this game is the graphics. Graphics are not sophisticated but still have their own charms. The character of the game is shaped in Chibi style, looking very cute. “You are not high but still make people look up.” Watch the “little fighters” fight with “giant monster” will make you want to play all day without boring.

Download Warriors of Light

This is not too prominent RPG, but the epic storyline, engaging gameplay, and many cool features are worth the effort. You can write a legendary story for yourself on the wall. Warriors of Light, the darkness has come, stand up and fight!

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