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If World Conqueror brings the battle on the road, the World of Warships Blitz brings fierce battle in the sea. Wargaming has always been one of the world’s biggest game publishers with the World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and World of Warships. Each game is a completely different battlefield, World of Tank is the tank battles, World of Warplanes is the air wars. And it is certain that World of Warships is a fierce naval war in the oceans, where the greatest battleships fight the strongest one.

Following the success of the World of Tanks Blitz mobile version, Wargaming has decided to transform its next game, the World of Warships, into a mobile game called the World of Warships Blitz. An MMO action game, the World of Warships Blitz has reproduced the world’s second most realistic naval strategy for the player. Currently, World of Warships Blitz is supporting both iOS and Android operating systems. The game allows players to download completely free; please download World of Warships Blitz on your device to get into the battles between the most modern warships.

Tactical gameplay

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First, the gameplay of World of Warships Blitz retains the special features of the origin PC version so it is not too alien to the player. Your mission in the World of Warships Blitz is to control your huge battleship on the immense sea, move through the enemy territory and shut down the enemy. Equip your ship with the most powerful cannons, missiles and let the enemy know your superior power.

However, huge and modern, ships in the World of Warships Blitz are moving slowly and steadily. Requiring players to calculate very carefully each step of the way to avoid the bullets from the opponents and move to favorable locations to combine with allies to kill enemies. Have a little trick while playing, find the weakness of the enemy ship, which will be the position you do the most damage in an attack.

Many warships and equipment

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World of Warships Blitz offers players a variety of equipment to unlock, upgrade extremely detailed equipment and depth. After each battle, you will earn some money. Use this money to upgrade or earn more advanced equipment such as missiles, torpedoes, heaters, … Or even armor platoon to increase resistance to your ship. The ways of equipping give you new tactics also a unique style for yourself. Feeling like a Navy commander on the front.

World of Warships Blitz possesses a variety of famous warships of various nations. From the Cruisers to the Destroyers or even the carriers, they all fuse into the frantic atmosphere of a fascinating 7 vs 7 battle. Choose your favorite ship and head straight to the sea with other teammates. Cover and destroy all enemies, together create battles that go into history.


Second, this game – World of Warships Blitz has beautiful 3D graphics. The visual effects of gigantic ships moving across the ocean are extremely realistic, each rippling, every bit of smoke of guns, missiles, all made a perfect game version to every detail. Along with that, I highly appreciate the sound effects of the game. The smashes of giant metal machines in the ocean, the explosion of rockets, or the cannonballs, all make for a true naval simulation game ever.

In short

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War games not only give you the opportunity to express your tactical thinking, but also a great opportunity to train your thinking skills. If you want to participate in a war strategy game at sea, I think World of Warships Blitz is probably one of the most selective game except for World Conqueror 4.

In short: You can download this game to your mobile devices via the links below. Install from Google Play, the App Store, or download the APK / IPA Mod, and join in the toughest and most engaging battles.

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