Online Games

Online Games are games that players can play through devices that are connected to the Internet, usually interacting between players or between players and the server system of the game in real time. Online games are usually free and the publisher benefits from In-App purchase. In it, the publisher is responsible for maintaining the server system and maintaining the game environment.

The current online games in the world are usually divided into categories:

MMORPG: Multiplayer
MOBA: Tactical game, famous for Dota2, LOL
FPS: First-person shooter like CS GO, Crossfire

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter is not just a novel, and it is also the inspiration for the creators of mobile games created Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery –... Eat the whole world

In, your task is simply to eat the whole world. This is the first time the publisher Voodoo has produced a virtual arcade game. Before...