Augmented Reality (AR) and new horizons

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pokemon go and ar

Breakthrough technology AR (augmented reality) has brought millions of Android, iPhone and iPad users worldwide access to new technologies.

AR is slowly changing the way we interact with the world around by combining digital objects into real space. Your Android, iOS device screen becomes a window into the AR world, where you can interact with virtual objects without glasses or special accessories like before.

Developers have created hundreds of apps and games to help you do your day-to-day tasks as well as discover virtual worlds.

A typical example is the IKEA Place application that allows you to try your furniture into your home before ordering from IKEA. Or, the Insight Heart medical education application allows physicians, students, and patients to interact with the heart model very closely.

Filmr video editing application allows users to insert dwarfs, unicorns and aliens into recorded videos. And My Very Hungry Caterpillar AR puts a cute moth on your desk.

AR also creates new entertainment experiences, such as the Euclidean Lands, which challenge you in a quirky medieval world while the Zombie Gunship Revenant AR uses this technology to create a viewing angle heat from the helicopter cockpit and help you kill the zombies more easily.

pokemon go and ar

But most prominently is the appearance of Pokemon GO – the game that applied AR technology very early and extremely successful. Imagine, with AR, funny Pokemon will appear in your yard, in the street, in the park … and you just throw a Pokeball to catch them.