Characters and stages do not appear in Monument Valley 2

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In February 2016, Ustwo Games decided to make a new version of Monument Valley with a single goal: to make the world so beautiful and so unique and meaningful.

After 10 months pursuing this goal, more than 100 different design ideas and characters have been launched. In fact, the original Monument Valley 2 was formed with the idea of a series of extremely different chapters, each with its own layout and storyline.

About a dark world

Monument Valley 2

There is a chapter about a boy looking for his body that brings out the most prominent ideas. “We really enjoyed the idea of a monochrome world in Monument Valley,” said producer Adrienne Law.

The Towers game in the final version of the game is influenced by the initial exploration of employment following the application of colour and brutalism style of Monument Valley.

Sketch the new world

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The development team has also looked at the story of a couple who are separated by seemingly insurmountable shapes and about a brave explorer with natural love. The potential character in this game is growing, but only one story idea has surpassed all.

The game has many characters

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“The image of mother and child came into being when we started incorporating some of the character design ideas,” said Law, adding: “As soon as we saw that image, we knew we had found one rare image in the game world. ”

This means that the development team has to walk away or change a lot of screenplay and potential characters in the game.

“I think the whole team is saddened not to pursue multiplayer-themed ideas, but choosing to focus on the story of the mother and child is a decision that everyone agrees. ”

Some aspects of original ideas have been included in the final version, but in the future, we will return to using them in more detail.

A single focus

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The game has appeared very fast since then. To make a story about the mother and child more convince, the development team meticulously observed her parents – Ms. Law said the whole experience made her think about the relationship with her mother and grandmother. It’s deeper.

She added: “When I look at the game, I not only see motherly love but also women, father and mother in the family. The most rewarding thing I’ve ever received from creating a game is the hope that the player can also see the relationship between them and the people they love. ”

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Has Ustwo Games achieved the goal of making this world more individual and meaningful? The answer is definitely yes. Monument Valley 2 is loved by millions not only for its ingenious architectural quiz but also for a story created with enthusiasm.