What is AR technology on the iPhone/ iPad?

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What is AR

You raise your phone up and you see a sausage that is dancing on your dining table. As you get closer, the sausage performs the action moving to the ground. When you take your eyes off the phone, the sausage disappears.

The Machines
The Machines delivers intense battles right on your phone’s face.

What happened?

It is Augmented Reality – also known as AR technology. AR technology is a combination of virtual objects with the reality around you. You do not need dedicated glasses – just an iPhone and the ability to take great things. With some smart sensors and powerful computing power, your iPhone and iPad can recognize things in the world around you, like the desk or the floor.

Using the built-in AR technology on iOS 11, apps in the App Store can visualize objects created by the techniques on those surfaces, as if they existed in the real world. You can interact with these objects to do things that were previously impossible.

What is AR technology used for?

Perhaps you have used some AR-based applications without knowing it. Face filters of Snapchat and Pokémon GO use variants of AR technology. AR technology is not only for entertainment purposes but is also rapidly advancing into the fields of shopping, education, manufacturing, and health. Download these apps to experience the features of AR technology.

From the sofa to the constellations

ar night sky
Watch the stars even when the night sky is cloudy with Night Sky.

Night Sky itself is a great application for displaying stars, but with the help of AR technology, those constellations are more accurate than ever.

My Very Hungry Caterpillar AR
A typical children’s book appears right in front of you in My Very Hungry Caterpillar AR.

My Hungry Caferpillar blew soul into the book of children with AR technology. You place an egg on a table or floor and watch it hatch into a moth. From there, you can give it an apple from the nearby tree and see how it reacts to the toy from the tree. After you grow the caterpillar, it will transform into a pretty butterfly.

magic plan
With the Magicplan, room measurements so fun.

If you want to see the benefits of AR technology, Magicplan is a great choice. When you open the app on your iPhone or iPad, you will see a cross on the screen. With one touch, this line can mark the corners of the room to determine the size and quickly create the room. Now your old rule is outdated.

The Machines
The Machines delivers intense battles right on your phone’s face.

AR technology also has strong implications for games. One example is The Machines, a game that integrates AR technology into an ingenious strategy. Moving around and observing the battlefield from different angles is not only interesting in graphic (and sound), but also gives you the great strategic advantage. Set a strategy based on the dynamics of the enemy and be ready to win the victory.